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FREE Chakra Shake-Up on Facebook

FREE Chakra Shake-Up Clinic Happening in Facebook

To register for the FREE Chakra Shake-Up Clinic happening right now on Facebook, go to: https://www.thegoodlife4u.club/p/free-chakra-shake-up-clinic-winter-2017 This clinic is designed to awaken and energize your chakras to transform your energy and your life. Wondering if the Chakra Shake-Up is for you? Potential benefits include: ✅ Learning to say “YES” to yourself ✅ Strength to reach your goals ✅ Improved mood ✅ Better boundaries ✅ Find…

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Free Meditation Download

9 Meditation Methods

So what exactly IS meditation?  Meditation often involves an effort to consciously regulate the mind in some way. Are you intimidated by the concept of meditation?  You might find that it’s much easier than you think. You don’t have to join a particular religion, do yoga, or chant to get the benefits of meditation.  This practice has been available to…

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Eleven Books That Changed My Life

Eleven Books that Changed My Life

As a lifesyle makeover coach, I help people to make over their lives from the inside out.  Applying the tools used in these eleven books has helped me to make over my own life, therefore I believe they can help you make over yours, as well. You don’t necessarily need to read any of THESE books to change your life,…

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