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Good Gifts 4 Everyone on YOUR Holiday List

This is the gift list you’ve been looking for . . . Our guide to purchasing Good Gifts 4 Everyone on YOUR Holiday List!!

We have curated the best of the best and found 41 gifts you might not have considered yet.  Though we have divided it up by the type of people you might be buying for, you really can’t go wrong with most of the gifts on this list, no matter who the lucky recipient.

(NOTE:  This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation.  Thank you in advance for any purchases you make through these links.  Know that your support is appreciated.)

Good Gifts 4 the Techie on your list:

Echo Dot

Honestly, we have one in every room of our apartment and we always travel with one.  I think this is a good gift for everyone on your list!  It’s been so much fun.  With the command, “Alexa”, you can voice control your music and smart devices, order products from Amazon or add to your shopping list, request a ride, order a pizza, hear the news, the weather, or even a joke.  My favorite feature is that you can set an alarm for in the morning without getting out of bed or even looking at your phone.     To buy:  $49.99,

Travel Case for your (I mean their) new Echo Dot

Ya!  The Echo Dot is such a good gift they might just want to take it with them wherever they go.  On more than one occasion, someone in our family has said “I miss Alexa” when traveling.

To buy:  $9.99,


If the Techie on your list likes “form” with “function” check out this Echo Dot station

My boyfriend bought me this one for Christmas last year.  Just look how cute it is!

To buy:  $16.80,


Stocking stuffers for the Techie on your list:

Cord Keepers

Wrangle your headphones, charging cords,etc. in these cord keepers for easy transport and organization.

To buy:  $5.99,


Good Gifts 4 the Outdoorsman on your list:

Digital Video Photo Camera Binoculars

For watching birds and wildlife either out in the wild or on your back porch.  Make sure to buy a memory card to go with this so the recipient can start taking pictures on Christmas morning.

To buy:  $95.50,


2-Pack LED Camping Lanterns

Military grade, collapsible, portable.  This is another gift anyone on your list would appreciate – especially in a power outage .  Since you could possibly gift two people with one purchase, the price is a steal!

To buy:  $14.97,


Stocking stuffers for the Outdoorsman on your list:

Tactical Flashlight

I realize that I’ve given you two “light” options in a row, but who on your list couldn’t use a flashlight that can shine up to 600 feet?  We bought them for all of our boys last year (from kid to adult) and they were a big hit!

To buy:  $11.95,


Good Gifts 4 the Traveler on your list:

Canvas Duffel Bag on Wheels

This bag is everything you would want in one bag.  Leather, canvas, copper, roomy, AND on wheels.

To buy:  $74.99,

A Carry On Bag for Her

Thick navy canvas with vegan leather trim in rose pink.  Rose gold hardware (and we all know this is the season of rose gold).  Multiple compartments and a handle to roll it.

To buy:  $59.99 plus shipping,


Retro Canvas Leather Backpack

This backpack is durable and stylish.  Sized just right for a laptop and other essentials.

To buy:  $43.99 plus shipping,


Stocking stuffers for the Traveler on your list:

Luggage Tags

Unique design makes it easy to identify suitcases.  Faux leather for sturdiness.  Privacy flap for safety.

To buy:  $7.99,

The one in the photo is out of stock, but I also like these silicone luggage tags.


 Good Gifts 4 the Foodie on your list:

Personalized Cutting Board

A good friend of mine introduced me to the magic of personalizing gifts and this maple cutting board is sure to please anyone on your list.

To buy:  $29.99 plus shipping,

Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Evenly bake and heat your pizza with the authentic pizza flavor of cast iron.  Can even be used on the grill or over a fire.  This pan will become a kitchen staple.

To buy:  $32.99,

Vintage Round Pitcher

This pitcher is another classic piece that will be used often and with care, for generations.

To buy:  $58.99,


Stocking stuffers for the Foodie on your list:

Apple Slicer and Corer

Our apple slicer gets almost daily use in our house and has done for over a decade.  Order this for anyone who eats apples, wants to eats apples, or has kids to feed apples to.

To buy:  $6.99,


Good Gifts 4 the Health Nut on Your List

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Heating the salt with a light bulb (included) releases negative ions into the air, purifying the air (similar to the air near the ocean or after a thunderstorm).

To buy:  $27.99,


Smart LED Light Bulb

This Smartphone Controlled Light Bulb is a color-changing party bulb and also a Smartphone Controlled Sunrise Wake-Up Light.  This bulb will improve your mornings by simulating a natural sunrise.

To buy:  $34.00,

Essential Oil Diffuser

I use my diffuser every night, also and it is an essential part of my wellness routine.  (You can read more of my tips for avoiding cold and flu here).  The essential oil diffuser is also great when your balancing your chakras.  (What’s that?  You want to work on your chakras but don’t know where to begin?  Click here info on our FREE Chakra clinic happening right now.)

To buy:  $34.99,

NOTE:  You will want to buy quality essential oils to go in this.  You can find them at most health food stores and also from independent direct sales distributors in your area (this has the added bonus of supporting people in your community – if you don’t know any, ask on your local yardsale sites on Facebook).

Stocking stuffers for the Health Nut on your list:

Herb Scissors

The  health nut (or foodie) on your list will think of you every time they save time and hassle when chopping herbs or salad ingredients.

To buy:  $14.97,


Good Gifts 4 the Beauty Queen on Your List

12 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Essential brushes for applying liquids, powders, and creams.  Bamboo handles offer a quality feel.

To buy:  $10.99,

Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Not only beautiful, but practical too.  You can open the umbrella as you open the car door and not get wet.  The handle makes it easy to multitask while holding.

To buy:  $27.49,

Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box

Concrete and copper.  Two compartments to store bracelets, rings, and other small treasures.

To buy:  $21.99,


The Gift of Better Hair with Naturally Based Hair Care Products

I also promote an all-natural hair line that anybody on your list would like . . . especially the “Beauty Queen”.  Click here (or on the photo below) to read my personal review.

90 Day Review of MONAT Naturally Based Hair Care Systems

90 Day Review of MONAT Naturally Based Hair Care Systems

To buy:  $various,

Stocking Stuffers 4 the Beauty Queen on Your List

 Sports Hair Ties

Ideal for extended all day wear with no crease, no damage, no pulling.  Great gift for swimmers, workout enthusiasts and anyone wearing a ponytail for a long time.

To buy:  $17.99,


Good Gifts 4 the Student or Professional on Your List

Vintage Wood Mousepad

There are unlimited options for personalizing these unique mousepads.

To buy:  $5.00,

Laptop Bag/Messenger Bag

Style an Function in this classic style with modern functionality.  Scratch Protecting Sleeve for Laptops up to 15.6″

To buy:  $59.99,

Tablet/Phone Stand

This version is compatible with most smartphones and small tablets.  Charges device while watching.

To buy:  $7.99,


Stocking Stuffers for the Student or Professional on Your List


Binder Clips

Binder Clips, Monogrammed Post-It Notes, so many fun ideas to stuff a student’s stocking.

To buy:  $5.29,


Good Gifts 4 the Home Organizer on Your List

Lotus Cotton Swab Holder

Keeps Q-Tips handy and clean.  Cute on the bathroom counter.  Can also hold toothpicks.

To buy:  $6.98,

Toilet Tank Top Tray

This one might seem silly, but I used to have one and be asked all the time where I got it.  Bamboo.  Warm and sophisticated.  (Look at the pics on the website).

To buy:  $11.00,

Magnetic Key Ring Holder and Shelf

Keep your everyday carry essentials organized and in full view and reach as you come through the door.  Holds up to 10 pounds of keys!

To buy:  $25.99,


Stocking Stuffers for the Home Organizer on Your List

Magnetic Screws for Light Switch

If you don’t opt for the whole shelf above, check out this genius idea.  Just swap out the bottom screw on any light switch with the included magnet and it will double as a key holder (up to 3 pounds)

To buy:  $9.99,


Good Gifts 4 Kids of Every Age on Your List

Cartoon Dress up Costumes Satin Capes Set with Felt Masks

My 3-year-old and his friends/cousins can play with these for hours.  Each set comes with 5 capes and 5 masks.  Choose either a set for boys or a set for girls.  For the price, you really can’t go wrong.

To buy:  $20.59,


IQ Twist (for ages 6 and up)

Multilevel Logic Game is suitable for kids 6-99.  We’ve had hours of fun with this game because it travels easily and has 100 challenges.  (Spoiler Alert:  We’re getting one for every family on our Xmas List)

To buy:  $8.95,


Bluetooth Speaker Light Bulb (for Teens and Tweens with Smart Devices)

Teens and tweens are sophisticated enough for most of the items on this list (my teenagers were drawn to the Echo Dot, the backpack and the flashlights), but anybody over 10 with a device suitable to operate it is bound to enjoy this light bulb.  Millions of colors, all dimmable.  Quality speaker.  Screws into most normal lamps.

To buy:  $35.95,


Good Gifts 4 The Hard to Buy For on Your List

Rainbow Vision Sand Picture

I’ve known many hard-to-shop-for folks who were incredibly entertained by watching the falling sand create mountains, valleys, and dunes.  Order one for the hard-to-shop-for on your list.     To buy:  $89.95,


 Adjustable Heavy Duty Bungee Cord

Instead of having an assortment of sizes of bungee cords, how about this cord that adjusts from 6″ to 72″!

To buy:  $14.99,

Cable Style Dori Pouf

Whether used as an ottoman or additional seating, who wouldn’t be delighted with one of these poufs?

To buy:  $60.99,


Stocking stuffers for the Hard-To-Buy-For on your list:

Bamboo Sunglasses

Lightweight and high in the coolness factor, these are a great stocking stuffer (or main gift) for everyone on your list.

To buy:  $14.99,



Good Gifts 4 the Athlete with Disabilities on Your List

Disabled Athlete T-Shirts

Merchandise Depicting the Active Lifestyle of the Athlete with Disabilities

My boyfriend is an avid wheelchair basketball player and monoskier.  He recently started a company with the intention of giving back to adaptive sports.  Check out the website for details.

To buy:  $20.00 for the t-shirts, $5.00 for the stickers,

That’s it . . . all 41 gift ideas.  I hope you like this list as much as I do!

I really loved finding and curating this list of gifts for you and hope it serves you well.  Many choices are added because of years of watching the girls in my office choose gifts and hearing about the biggest hits among them, some are new and personal favorites.  I think all are sure to be enjoyed by the people you love.

Though I have listed here a number of options to spend money on, notice that none are over $100.  This is intentional.  I believe the spirit of the holidays is more about the thought and time with those you love than about the money you spend.  Most of the stocking stuffers on this list would be suitable gifts in and of themselves.  Whatever your financial situation, remember to respect your own budget and focus on what matters.

Also, when possible, please support your friends and family in their businesses, whether they have local shops or are craftsmen/women.    If your friends are in direct sales, try their shampoo, their face cream, their vitamins – you might just find a product you love, and many of their items make ideal Christmas gifts.  If your friends are photographers or calligraphers or computer techs, buy their services when possible.  It means more to them than it ever could mean to a big box company.  And thanks for supporting my little family with your purchases through my blog.  I truly appreciate each of you and wish all of my friends, family, and acquaintances a Happy Holiday Season!



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