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2 Weeks to a 2 Piece

Two Weeks to a Two Piece

Be Honest!  Are you totally freaking out right now! Do you have an event coming up that requires you showing a little skin?  A wedding?  A vacation?  A photo shoot? Are you wondering how much closer you can get to your goal of looking good in a two piece in this short of a time-frame?👙 You Ready?  Click here to get…

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90 Day Review of MONAT Naturally Based Hair Care Systems

90 day review of MONAT naturally based hair care systems

Hey, Gorgeous! If you’ve landed here, you probably already know what MONAT is and are considering buying it.  You want to know what other people are experiencing before you make an investment in your hair.  Am I right? If you’re not already familiar with MONAT, allow me to introduce you. What is Monat? MONAT is a line of naturally based…

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How to Treat Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

How to Treat Lower Back Pain and Sciatica: 9 Simple Remedies

9 Simple Remedies to Treat Lower Back Pain and Sciatica: Have you experienced lower back pain in your lifetime?  How about in the last 3 months?  About 25% of people (both men and women) have experienced lower back pain in the last 3 months and about 80% of people will experience it in their lifetime.  Lower back pain is one of…

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Back to School Cold and Flu Natural Prevention

Back To School: Learn Cold and Flu Natural Prevention –

Study Up:  Cold and Flu Natural Prevention As our kids go back to school, we can all “hit the books” and study  Cold and Flu Natural Prevention.  It happens every year.  First, you see the back-to-school photos of kids dressed like GAP models with brand new backpacks.  Soon after, you notice more and more friends frustrated that their kids are getting sick.  There’s…

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How to foam roll correctly. This photo has Shae demonstrating foam rolling.

How to Foam Roll Correctly

How to Foam Roll Correctly for Better Health: Would you believe that you could improve your overall health for around $25?  How?  Find a foam roller and learn how to foam roll correctly!  The foam roller is light, inexpensive, highly effective and can also be used anywhere.  (To buy one, click on the photo to the right to visit an Amazon…

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Ground Maca Root in a Silver Spoon

Natural Herb for Depression and Anxiety

What if I told you that adding a small scoop of this slightly nutty powder to your daily routine could lift your mood?  Maca is promising as a natural non-pharmaceutical treatment for those suffering with mild depression.  Limited scientific studies show that maca can help with the anxiety, depression, energy, and sexual dysfunction without undesirable side effects. Before learning that…

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How to Treat Bee Stings Home Remedy

How to Treat Bee Stings: Home Remedy

How to Treat Bee Stings: Home Remedy in Your Yard or Garden- Does this weed look familiar to you? It’s called plantain and it grows everywhere.  This photograph was taken next to a local hiking trail.  I found one a few days ago in the corner of my lawn.  There are a lot of them in a drainage area near my house.…

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Hands Holding a little Fun-Guy - representing Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Whether we realize it or not, the human body contains millions of kinds of bacteria.  The balance of these bacteria help our body systems run well. Each kind of bacteria is responsible for different functions in supporting our health. For example, the bacteria E. coli and Cyanocobalamin in the intestines help the process of food digestion.  Any problems which affect the…

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9 steps to cultivate habits that stick

9 Steps to Cultivate Habits that Stick

How did a tiny nutritional habit snowball into such big change? A year-and-a-half-ago, I became acquainted with about a dozen new people as we all became part of the fastest growing health and wellness movement in North America.  Over the past 18 months, I have watched as EVERY ONE of these individuals have literally transformed their lives:  improved relationships, adopted fitness regimens, and worked on personal development.  What…

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Natural Remedy for Tummy Upset: Why You Need Digestive Enzymes

Natural Remedy for Tummy Upset: Why You Need Digestive Enzymes

It’s an issue we all deal with sometimes, but don’t discuss.  From a relatively young age, I remember suffering with a lot of stomach pains.  By my late 20’s, I was sure I had a problem and when I heard about the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, I was pretty sure that’s what I had.  I never found out because around…

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