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Gardener's hand holding a young plant as if pondering: Do I need a multivitamin dietary supplement?

Do I really NEED a multivitamin dietary supplement (or is eating healthy enough)?

I’ve always been interested in nutrition. My grandmother was responsible for the school nutrition program at a private boarding school.  She and my grandfather were both avid gardeners.  My mother was always conscious of the food she put on the table.  I grew up enjoying vegetables and a wide variety of foods.  Eating healthy was part of our family “culture”.  Consequently,…

Natural Remedy for Migraines: Brain as an electronic component to symbolize the brain during a migraine in need of magnesium (Artificial Intelligence Concept - Robotic Brain)

Natural Remedy for Migraines: Try this Mineral

Magnesium – your natural remedy for migraines: Migraines and cluster headaches were ruining my life.  I couldn’t work, couldn’t care for my young boys, and was scared to even leave the house (for fear that I would get a debilitating headache while out).  I was only in my early 30’s.  My doctors had run a number of tests to determine how someone…